Handmade Rosary Beads

Rosary is an item used for religious worshipping which defines the beads on a string (33 or exponents) that are counted while naming Allah's epithets. Rosary which Muslims presumably have adopted from Buddhists was later expanded throughout Europe and used by people of many different religious beliefs.

Within the Islam culture the rosaries mainly have 33 or 99 beads however rosaries with 500 or 1000 beads are also being produced. The piece dividing each 33 beads is called the nişâne while the flat one linking its ends is the imâme. Rosaries have different names in the Turkish-Islam culture with regards to their use such as padişah (emperor), vüzera, vükelâ. The materials that are used are rocks such as coral, amber, jade, ruby or wood such as rosewood, sandalwood, skittle or others like crystal and amulets. Rosary art was mainly centered in Istanbul and has reached its peaked during the Ottoman era.