Necati Korkmaz

1963, Ankara

Kazancı Yokuşu No: 55/11 Gümüşsuyu Taksim

The artist deals with gubari style calligraphy writing (the writing of calligraphy scripts that are invisible without the help of microscope on very tiny objects by brush made of cat's whisker) and mütteka (a kind of walking-stick used by dervishes during their religious and Sufist activity lasting for 40 days when they should not sleep, as a support for snoozing for a few minutes. Another usage of mütteka is to support your head when you indulge in deep feelings. He is the only representative of these arts in Turkey learned on his own. 

He can speak English.

" The cultural heritages are the richness of a society that are a part of their history and make them live together. The synthesis of traditional and modern will lead new performances to be richer and sounder.  Although I have interested in various handcrafts, I aim at revealing neglected arts of our culture and so far I have been able to design and make nine traditional handcrafts such as at gubarisi, (gubari made of horse hair) mütteka, aigrette, Ottoman archery bags and Ottoman sun dials etc."

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