M. Efdaluddin Kılıç

1968, İstanbul

Sahrayıcedid Mah. Cebesoy Sok. No: 14/1 Kadıköy

The artist studied at Marmara University, Faculty of Religious Studies and earned his MA in the Social Sciences Institute of the same university with dissertation thesis entitled with “The Works of Yâkût Musta'sımî in  Museums and Libraries of Istanbul”.

Efdaluddin Kılıç has started art of calligraphy studies with Hüsrev Subaşı in 1985 then attended elective calligraphy courses in Marmara University, Faculty of Religious Studies. He studied rik'a script with Muhittin Serin in 1985. The artist also worked on sülüs and nesih scripts with Hasan Çelebi in the same period and was authorized in these script styles.

He has been serving as a consultant in Turkish Culture Service Foundation Caferağa Madrassa on calligraphy and Ottoman Turkish courses since 1988.

He has been attending exhibitions in Germany, USA, France, England, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia and giving seminars and applied lessons since 1999. 

He keeps working in personal atelier in Istanbul and serves as a consultant in calligraphy, also prepares paper and ink and practices plain and decorative paper painting with natural colour materials. He has been carrying out researches upon Turkish springs and arches to connect archery and calligraphy again and their making and throwing technique. 


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