Ferhat Kurlu

1976, Ordu

Valikonağı Cad. Şehit İsmet Armağan Sok. No: 6/3 Nişantaşı

Ferhat Kurlu graduated from 19 Mayıs University and Faculty of Religious Studies and started to be interested in calligraphy during academic career. He studied sülüs-nesih scripts with Hasan Çelebi as of 1996 and was authorized in this field in 2000. 

He teaches in his personal atelier and keeps working on calligraphy.

The artist who has formed original scripts within classical framework attended many exhibitions both at home and abroad. He serves as a calligrapher in many mosques, fountains, epitaphs, domes etc and in the restoration works.

Among his prizes: IRCICA 5th International Calligraphy Contest Celi-Sülüs Script 1st Prize; IRCICA 6th International Calligraphy Contest Celi Script 1st Honorary Mention; Antik AŞ. Hilye-i Şerife Calligraphy Contest Celi-Sülüs, Sülüs, Nesih Scripts 1st Prize; 13th State Calligraphy Contest Achievement Prize.

He can speak Arabic and English. 

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