Davut Bektaş

1963, Adana


Graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Law.

 He studied Sülüs with calligrapher Yusuf Ergün (Erzincanî) the late, for a short time in 1981 and as of 1982 worked on Sülüs, Nesih and Rik’a with calligrapher Hasan Çelebi and gained his permission/authorization in 1994. He performed on Talik and Divani with Prof. Ali Alparslan from 2002 to his death.  

 He teaches in Süleymaniye Library and Traditional Turkish Arts Foundation.

 He can speak English (beginner) and Arabic (intermediate).

 He served as jury member in local and international calligraphy contest and attended many exhibitions at home and abroad and awarded with 1st Prize in international contests.

"Calligraphy is a traditional kind of art having its rules within the development of history and then governed with these definite rules. It is impossible to interfere with this art in this aspect. In addition to that it is open to all kinds of innovations in case of being devoted to general principles made by people with great experience in classical calligraphy art.  Istanbul is considered to be an international center where calligraphy had completed its development phase. That’s why we should protect old samples and restore them. I want to underline that in restoration subject one must take the advice of IRCICA, Fine Arts Faculties and acknowledged calligraphers and experts.  Calligraphy art that is increasingly developing and moving forward to regain its old glorious days has solved such problems like training, improvement and material. Our major problem is promotion of this art and its being recognized and acknowledged. Lack of knowledge brings out ignorance against art, being regarded as unimportant among other kinds of art and not to be taken serious."

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