Talip Mert

1953, Sivas


Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration

He learned the art of calligraphy from Hamid Aytaç; illumination from Prof. Süheyl Ünver and Prof. Çiçek Derman and gained his authorization from Hamid Aytaç. 

He was in charge of classification of documents in Ottoman Archives between the years of 1990 and 1994 and has been serving as an academic member in Marmara University, Department of Record Keeping. 

He generally focuses on sülüs, celi sülüs, divanî, celi divanî and tuğra (sultan's signature) scripts. His main aims in the art of calligraphy include writing almost new and not written text in a way to meet the needs of people in modern age and making very nice scripts.

" He continues his studies on art as well as Ottoman Cultural History, his special area of interest."

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